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FAQS & booking process

  • Where are you located?
    Swell Shelter is a pop-up glamping business, we are not permanently set up in one location. We operate out of Leopold, VIC but service all of Victoria - we even travel as far as South Aus and NSW!
  • How do I book?
    Email us to check availability and to book.
  • Payment Options
    We have two options for payment: You organise the tent bookings and we will generate one invoice including the tents you require and our travel fee. To secure the booking we will require a 25% deposit of this invoice. We send through a link for your guests to book and pay directly through us (meaning you don't have to organise any guests bookings). If you choose this option, we will require the travel fee from you as a deposit.
  • Do you have a booking minimum?
    Yes, we have a booking minimum of 10 tents. If you secure you're booking and end up not reaching our booking minimum, we will still require the travel fee quoted for the minimum tent amount.
  • Do I have to set up my own tent?
    No - Swell Shelter will pitch your Bell Tent at your chosen location before you arrive. You then arrive at your destination and be able to kick-start your trip with comfort, style and ease. For check out, all you have to do is zip up your tent, then we will arrive later to pack it all up.
  • Do you provide toilets or showers?
    No - however we recommend getting in touch with Paddock Dreams for the most luxe portable toilets/showers for any kind of event.
  • What bedding/mattresses do you use?
    We have now upgraded to self-inflating foam mattresses in both single and queen mattress sizes. Our bedding consists of the mattress, a high loft mattress topper, fitted sheet, doona and pillow with linen, high quality throw blankets and cushions.
  • Can we bring our pets?
    As much as we love your four-legged friends, we don't allow pets in the tents. If there is evidence of pets being in the tents we will charge a cleaning fee of $220.


- Choose a suitable location:
This may be a venue or your own property.

The Glamping site must be as flat as possible, grassy, and an open large area.


- Choose your Bell Tents:

Size: 4m, 5m or 6m?

Deluxe or Standard?

Bedding: Singles and/or Doubles? 

*minimum booking of 10 tents, max booking of 70 tents (45 x 4m, 25 x 5m, 1 x 6m)


- Email us to confirm availability and secure booking with deposit. 

We do have an online booking system available to allow guests to book and pay directly through us - the travel fee will be required as a deposit if you choose this booking option

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